This website has been created as a place to talk about and share the things I love to do - cooking and crafting. Because I like to chat about many other topics, too, I am also including a blog where I can talk about whatever strikes me from day to day. I hope you will add your own comments and questions any time.

I enjoy all types of arts and crafts, but the ones I have dabbled in most extensively to date are paper-making, photography, card-making, needlepoint, counted cross-stitch, bargello and rug-hooking with wool. I have also studied flower arranging, painting, stenciling, and jewelry-making, and I knit, crochet and hand-quilt. I am experimenting with quilling and look forward to messing about with polymer clay. What I cannot do is sew a straight seam. Anything to do with sewing machines is beyond me. I have tried, but always with dire results. I am in awe of people who can unfold and understand a pattern after breakfast, cut out the pieces before lunch, and whip up a dress to wear to dinner that night, but I have finally resigned myself to the fact that I will never be one of them. So I pretty much do things by hand, or not at all.

When it comes to cooking, I will try anything once. This has led to some interesting meals. Not necessarily good, but interesting. I like all cuisines and techniques, and I'm all for experimenting. When time permits, I like to do things from scratch, but I am also always on the lookout for shortcuts and time-saving devices. I am currently most involved in modifying all my favorite (and usually fattening) dishes to make them more healthy. I am a gadget junkie, and have collected hundreds of cookbooks, which I read the way some people read novels. I scour the Internet for websites that deal with cooking, and I love to swap ideas and recipes.

My husband refers to me as "the world's worst vegetarian", because while I do not eat much meat, I do eat eggs and dairy; I can occasionally be swayed by a piece of Canadian bacon or a slice of pepperoni; and I could eat seafood every day. I recently discovered that there is a word for people who eat fish but not flesh or fowl - pescetarian. If there's a word for it, I must not be the only one out there. I have fun turning meat dishes into meatless ones for myself, but I continue to cook "regular" food for my favorite carnivore, who thinks tofu is a four-letter word.

In these pages you will find the results of my experiments and my projects, along with my thoughts on just about everything under the sun.

Thanks for stopping by.